Tu Du Hospital: officially applied new technology in cervical cancer screening

On the morning of December 13, at Tu Du Hospital took place “The ceremony to receive the decision of Tu Du Hospital to deploy new technology and the Scientific Conference on the application of TruScreen Optical – Electrotechnology in cervical cancer screening. “.
The ceremony was organized by Tu Du Hospital in collaboration with Gorton Health Services Co., Ltd and Chinh Nhan Tam Co., Ltd.

Attending the ceremony were BS.CCII Tran Ngoc Hai – Executive Vice President of Tu Du Hospital; Dr. BS Le Quang Thanh – Vice President of Vietnam Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Association of Maternal and Fetal Medicine, former Director of Tu Du Hospital; along with more than 100 guests who are doctors from hospitals and medical facilities specializing in obstetrics and gynecology in the South.

At the ceremony to receive the decision, BS.CKII Tran Ngoc Hai – Executive Vice President of Tu Du Hospital gave the opening speech and read the decision of the Ministry of Health on allowing Tu Du Hospital to officially apply the application. TruScreen’s technique in cervical cancer screening.

Also within the framework of the program, doctors at Tu Du Hospital presented a number of scientific reports on the topics of TruScreen Optical-Electroelectric technology and its application in cervical cancer screening. at the hospital.

Photo-electric technique (TruScreen) helps to screen early risk of cervical cancer

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Hanh – Director of Gorton Health Services Co., Ltd – The exclusive importer and distributor of TruScreen Ultra (TruScreen – Australia) in Vietnam and Cambodia, the TruScreen Ultra device is the device used European standard for cervical cancer risk screening, used as a first-line screening tool. This method provides rapid screening results for the presence of abnormal tissues (precancerous and cancerous) in just 1 visit. From there, support doctors to advise and advise as well as to make other diagnostic and biopsy decisions to accurately detect and treat each patient appropriately.

Also according to Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Hanh: “The TruScreen Optical-Electrical method transmits optical and electrical signals to the cervical tissue. Then receives the feedback signals which are compared and analyzed by an intelligent AI algorithm. which gives “abnormal” or “normal” results in 3-5 minutes.

In particular, TruScreen Ultra is a non-invasive device and does not require sampling, so it does not cause pain or discomfort. With a portable design, simple operation, no need for laboratory facilities or laboratory specialists, it saves infrastructure and operating costs for hospitals and clinics.

The TruScreen Optical-Electrical method is a proven, fast and accurate cervical cancer screening technique, with this technique, patients will have the opportunity to detect and treat cervical cancer early. .

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